ANADROL 50 Para Pharma US

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Substance : Oxymetholone

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Anadrol also sold under the name Oxymetholone is known as one of the best bulking steroids out there. If you are looking for some steroid to pack on the gains, Anadrol is the best one to start your cycle with.


Anadrol is derived from DHT. It has a short half-life of 8 to 9 hours. Since you would be taking Anadrol by Para Pharma in oral form, you will be on daily dosage. This steroid can add massive bulk in a short period. Before entering the bodybuilding world, this steroid was given to people suffering from muscle wastage disease so that they could put on weight quickly. It increases the appetite of the user and encourage muscle growth.

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Along with bulking you quickly, it also increases your appetite which will also help you gain weight quicker. Keep in mind that a higher dosage of Anadrol can have a reverse effect. It can decrease your appetite which will ultimately impact your gain and performance. 


It is best to stick to a dosage under 150 mg and take 100mg of Anadrol by Para Pharma on a daily basis. In other words, choose any dosage between 25 to 100 mg, depending on your bulking goals. Watch out for common side effects such a Gynecomastia, water retention and testosterone suppression. Taking too much Anadrol can also cause liver toxicity.