Frequently Asked Questions

BuySteroidsOnline (short BSO), is part of an organization that's been in this business for almost two decades. We are a group of consistent people with lots of experience in steroids orders and customer services.
We are US domestic. ONLY US orders are accepted and you get your order within the US.
These products are handled from two different warehouses. You cannot order both in one single order. One delivers in 12-21 days and the other one is the EXPRESS line and delivers within 3 days, once shipped. *ALASKA customers can ONLY use the EXPRESS line. The 12-21 days line is not offered to Alaska.
We collect your cash payment within 3 business days. Crypto payments are confirmed within 24 hours (note: Our manual confirmation - not the confirmation within the blockchain). Within 2 business days, we will prepare and send out your order. EXPRESS line may ship after 3-4 busienss days due to high volume of pakages. Weekends are not included as business days. If you've had your payment confirmed shortly before business days have ended, please do keep that in mind, as you can't have it cleared Thursday night and expect it out within the weekend. Tracking numbers are sent, 1-2 days after order has been shipped. We cannot confirm whether your order has been shipped or not, before receiving tracking numbers up till 2 days after sending it off. All of this applies for both shipping lines. Yes, also your 1-3 days express deliveries, since we can't cut out the process of packaging, sending out order and tracking numbers.
ALASKA customers can ONLY purchase products from the EXPRESS line. The 12-21 days line is not offered to Alaska.
Both are US domestic. You will ONLY receive packages from within the US. Being domestic doesn't mean it will necessarily be there faster. Yes, our express line offers that; 1-3 days from dropping it off to delivering. However the other one is handled in a different way and it can take up to 20 days, due to the way we prepare them before delivery.
You have to purchase for minimum $100 to order at our shop.
Fixed at $25 per order.
It may differ depending on what size your order has. Some will not be available for payments not meeting a minimum for a specific payment service. We have Western Union and MoneyGram for cash pick up. Crypto currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Credit Cards: Not directly - but you can use services such as CashApp (Debit Card) ,BRD WALLET (Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfers), PayBis and Coinbase (Bank Account), to pay us the crypto currencies they offer. You pay with your card, they transfer the crypto. We do not accept other payments. Not PayPal, not direct Visa and so on. Only those mentioned.
Express orders has no signatures. For the other shipping service, please request no signatures, if you don't want to sign off the package.
We can ship to Post Boxes
Please make sure you change address before placing the order. If you do it after, it willnot register the address within the order you've already submitted. Also make sure you have chosen the right name (if you changed it) and address, when you change it. Always confirm the address through us.
We will reship your order if it doesn't make it due to postal mistakes. It may take time to handle it and waiting for the post office to try and fix the issue, instead of reshipping. If it has not delievered due to your mistake, we are not held accountable for it and will not cover the reship.