Knowing That All The “Gains” From Steroids Go Away After Cycling Off, Why Do People Still Take Them?



The bodybuilding community has come a long way to build the respect for the sport all around the world. While many athletes are suspected to take steroids, majority of them are bodybuilders. It is true that the bodybuilders take steroids but it is also true that steroids are necessary to achieve the results that are expected in the bodybuilding profession.

Unique Goals for Individuals

Also, bodybuilders are the ones who are always under the supervision of their coaches who guide them through their steroid cycles. They do not rely on their knowledge and experience to work on their future steroid cycles because before every cycle, the goals and the needs of the body change and the coach will better determine custom goals as per the unique individual.

Transforming the Body

No bodybuilder can instantly gain muscle after a few months of training, it takes years to actually get at that point where you can start to see a difference. Bodybuilding is an entire lifestyle itself, and this sport is only for those who actually want to be a part of it. It requires sheer hard work and dedication to become a bodybuilder because all the time you are struggling with your body to become something out of the norm.

Diet and Training

Now that we know bodybuilding is a lifestyle in itself, lets dig into how it is different from your standard lifestyle. Every bodybuilder, must train at gym lifting weights and work on their strength every day. Along with that the athlete should be aware of the standard nutritional status of general athletes, to know what goals to target and how to proceed further. As the physical struggle begins, the athlete will have to start working on a sports nutrition plan. This diet plan will cater to their daily food intake which will help them during their training sessions at the gym.

Fat Burning and Muscle Building

One important factor that the bodybuilders struggle with is building their muscle especially when they are trying to burn fat and reach a body fat of 10% or less. In order to burn the fat, they need to be on a caloric deficit diet but in order to have the muscles replace fat, the athlete needs to be on a caloric surplus diet. In such a case the athlete will increase their protein serving within the caloric deficit in order to burn maximum fat while encouraging the growth of muscles.

As the bodybuilders successfully establish a diet and a training regime for themselves, all they need to do is keep it up and watch how their body will begin transforming. Now every individual is different and depending on their genes, if they have good ones, they will see results much quicker than those who do not have good genes in regards to fitness enthusiast ancestry.

Measure Your Progress

Consistency is going to be the key and the athlete will have to keep tabs on their personal records to measure their progress. It is important to consider yourself your own competition in order to succeed at the top level. Your everyday goal should be to improve your yesterday’s goal and that is how you can actually see the progress.

Competing with someone at the gym will not determine you progress because everyone is training at their pace. However, it is good mingle with athletes around you and might as well have fun challenging them but never rely on those results to measure your progress.

First Steroid Cycles

Once the athlete has grown a significant amount of muscle through their natural training process, they can plan to take steroids to pump up their gains and maximize their strength. Do not plan your first cycle as a part of your preparation for a competition. It is better to introduce your body to steroids before you plan to take part in a competition because you never know how your body will react to it. Even though you take all necessary factors into consideration, leave no room for risk. You should be in control of how you perform at the competition.

A Qualified Coach Or An Expert

Many athletes at a pro-level successfully take steroids and they easily manage the cycles with the help of their coaches. They only prefer taking steroids as a part of their preparation for upcoming competitions and when these steroid cycles are completed under the supervision of experts, it is sure to give the results that are intended. The only difficult task is to find a coach who has a good knowledge about what kind of injectable steroids and oral steroids are available and which HGH’s and Peptides can be consumed for maximum muscle enhancement. The coach should also be aware of the Post Cycle Therapy as it’s the most important part of your steroid cycle. It will help your body to restore the natural production of hormones. Once you have a coach who excels in their domain, you can be more than confident but you should also do your homework and not blindly trust follow the coach. Remember, always rely on yourself for everything so that when your coach is not available, you can step up and make your own decisions as well.

Now that we know how the bodybuilder’s lifestyle is like, we can dig deep into specific things regarding why people still take steroids even if the gains are going to wear off.


Bodybuilders, no matter how much they train at the gym, the beauty of the muscles becomes more refined and defined visually. It also without a doubt enhances the overall strength and performance. These are the obvious outcomes of anabolic steroids and they are only visible when your body is already used to of working hard at the gym and knows how to manage their carbs and proteins. Steroids just need to be taken with absolute discretion in order to avoid the unpredictable. Many athletes have suffered in the past due to the side effects of steroids because they seriously mess up the natural hormone levels. But today, bodybuilders are more than successful in breaking records because now they have Post Cycle Therapy drugs that can help them restore their natural hormones levels and avoid the risk of facing any side effects. The post cycle therapy must be followed to avoid any unexpected complications triggered by the steroids. This is how the bodybuilders consider steroids as essential part of their training because now the side effects can be dealt with in advance.


The bodybuilders have to go through years of training to be able to register for a competition. Even when they do, being able to rank at top 10 is a great achievement because every year there are 100s of athletes who come in from different parts of the world to compete for recognition in the bodybuilding industry. Therefore, the training phase is the toughest and the most rigorous in regards to pro-level athletes. They train more than they do during their normal routine and they start their steroid cycle to pump up their gains. This way they can solidify their natural gains making them more visually pleasing and by the time the competition has passed, their gains will start to wear off. This temporary boost is only for hitting the maximum ability to be able to give 100% at the competition. So, even if the steroids wear off, it does not matter because it was only there to solidify the natural gains and give maximum boost of power during the performance.


At this point in the blogpost, we understand that many athletes are in habit of using steroids to help them make their efforts shine bright on the stage. All of this is only possible because the athlete is surrounded by highly knowledgeable experts to guide him/her through the process of their steroid cycle and then moving on to the post cycle therapy. Post cycle therapy is absolutely crucial for your steroid cycle. It will help you restore the hormonal balance and avoiding the risk of facing any serious side effects. Without post cycle therapy, there is high probability for you to fall victim to few of the most common side effects of steroids. With so much convenience, today’s bodybuilders have no excuse to not start a cycle.


To be fair and honest, human body is constantly changing, either improving or impairing. During a bodybuilder’s journey, there are various individual experiences. All of them are unique in their details and have their own reasoning. For instance, someone’s gains can last for months, while someone else’s gains can last for a few weeks. It totally depends on the individual’s training regime and their genetics. Most of the times the genetics play a huge role in defining the success of an athlete. If an athlete, whose family has been into sports or have been fitness enthusiasts, are going to progress and gain muscles faster than those with normal genetics. To blame any factor for hindering your progress is not going to help you move forward. So, put in your extra efforts and work harder to achieve your goals. Remember, human body is never the same at any point, it is constantly evolving and changing, so adapt to that habit and push forward to bring the change you want to see in yourself. Now that when you have the perfect gains to help you maintain them for longer than usual then you need to keep your gym training game strong. The more you work those muscles, the more they stay in shape. And when you take steroids, you would wish to maintain those gains as well but unfortunately you cannot because they tend to wear off after the cycle. But there is one thing that you can do and that is to try to sustain those gains for as long as possible. Work out at the gym on those specific gains that you wish to sustain for long and once you kept those muscles working, they might possibly last longer than usual. There is no harm in trying so might as well see for yourself.

Human body has so much potential and so much yet to be understood that you can expect it to take an extra mile in amplifying the expected results.


For all the benefits and reasons discussed above, the bodybuilders today are at liberty to decide how much longer they wish to take steroids. Given that they have the right type of experts around them to guide them through the steroid consumption and how to prepare their body for it. It is important to prepare the body for your steroid cycle so that when your cycle starts, the right buttons will be pushed to create the most optimal results. Now taking steroids has even become safer given that reputable steroid manufacturers, such as Para Pharma, are running the supply chain. With such promising assortment, no bodybuilder can stop themselves from taking steroids unless or until they are retired.