How to Maintain Muscle Mass


The type of muscle content you can develop is determined by your gender, age, and genetics. It is possible to train the human body to increase muscle by doing exercises that stimulate muscle growth. If you are here to learn how to maintain the muscles you have built from hard work, read on.

Relationship Between Muscle Mass and Genetics

The individuals who don’t naturally carry muscles or are able to enhance them are known as hard gainers. Experts call this to be a statement more than a fact. Scientifically, people who are lean as opposed to a solid natural build are called ectomorphs. People with more muscle builds are known as mesomorphs. They carry more fat naturally are called endomorphs.

Muscles are high-maintenance tissues. This means it needs more energy for sustenance. Muscles make up 40% of the total mass of the body, it largely determines how many calories you burn each day. Those who have more muscles are able to burn more calories.

If the body perceives that muscles are important, it’s capable of bearing a high maintenance fee. On the other hand, if feels that you aren’t using enough muscles, it will work towards reducing the muscle mass.

The good news is, it does not require much effort to convince the body that muscles are important. You just have to keep demanding muscles regularly by lifting weights, for instance, lifting, climbing stairs, carry heavy weight objects, and similar other activities.

How to Prevent Muscle Loss

Putting your genetics and ability to build and maintain muscles aside, here are some tips on how to maintain the muscles or prevent them from loss.

Continue Weight Training

When you hit your 40s, you start losing muscles naturally. This happens when the testosterone hormone starts to decline and your level of physical activity at the same time. The natural loss is between 3 to 10 percent.

Muscle loss can be prevented by staying active, even if you are a senior. Working out or lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week allows you to exercise all major muscle groups. Since you may not have the same stamina like before, allow 2 days between workouts.

Consume Protein

You must consume the right amount of protein to maintain muscle mass depending on your activity level. It’s important to consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kg of your body weight. For seniors, 1.2 grams per body weight is recommended.

Not sure how to do the math? Measure your weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.45. Then, multiply it by 1.2 and there you have it, your daily protein intake.

Eat Well

Eating protein is not enough. Your body needs much more than. It also needs energy. If you are not eating or drinking sufficiently for maintaining body weight according to how much energy you consume each day (including physical activity), you will lose not just muscles but bones and fat.

Determine the ideal weight for your activity. Adjust your diet and exercise depending on your physical activity.

Power Matters As Well

Remember that building muscles is not all about strength. Power is important too. Power means how fast and efficiently you move. It is connected to activities you perform on a daily basis and physical function.

How to improve muscle power, you ask? This can be done with your legs since they are responsible for the mobility. Quick movements against resistance are effective means of developing power. For example, when getting up, do it quickly. When climbing stairs, be as fast as you can, of course by holding the handrail. These simple activities will teach your muscles to use the strength and hence you won’t just build muscles, but get power as well.

Follow The Three-Pronged Approach

For effective muscle building, follow the 3 proponed approach. What’s that you ask?

1.       Intensive training

2.       Good nutrition

3.       Rest

When it comes to nutrition, you must consume twice the amount of protein you normally consume. Apart from this, your body needs nutrients because muscle building and maintenance demand lots of energy. The hallow calories from chips, soft drinks, and other treats do not count.

Not to forget, the body needs a lot of rest and a good night’s sleep because that’s when protein synthesis is at its peak.

In other words, modest effort from your side is required to maintain muscle mass even if you are at your old age. Building muscle is a different matter and it requires a monumental amount of effort.

Get Enough Sleep

Speaking of sleep, don’t neglect it because it’s an important aspect in rebuilding the torn muscle tissues and repairing the body. A restful night’s sleep helps you ease the process.

Apart from getting enough sleep, you must also relieve emotional stress. If you don’t take care of the emotional stress, it will release catabolic stress hormone which can cause muscle destruction. In order to relax, you can always practice mindful medication.

Watch Out Your Alcohol Intake

You don’t want to spill milk on all the hard work you have done in building muscles, now would you? This happens when you drink too much Alcohol. It’s bad for the muscles and has other destructive effects.

Alcohol in excess can increase the estrogen levels in the body and mess up with testosterone levels. You could end up losing muscles if you are not careful. We are not asking to quit drinking but be mindful of it.

Summing Up

It’s clear that maintaining your muscle mass is not that difficult. You just have to continue taking the right diet and carry out some form of physical activity to give a message to the mind and body that muscles are being used. Last but not least, restful sleep is highly important. You can’t do without it.

Now that you know everything important about maintaining muscle mass, you better get started with a plan.

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