How to manage your steroid dosage at home?


As a bodybuilder and an athlete, you must have come across the consumption of steroids amongst your peers, mates and acquaintances. However, not all athletes use steroids to build up an impressive physique yet there are many who expect that steroids will help them achieve an ideal physique like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. These athletes fail to realize that the training and diet makes most of their physique and the steroids only further enhances the muscle mass and growth depending on how the steroid reacts with their body. It is essential to understand that every individual responds differently to steroids and its important to adapt an extremely disciplined lifestyle where you dedicate yourself to training religiously and consume limited calories. Making sure that the food you consume is fueling your body while you are training hard at the gym is critical for the production of natural testosterone as it will give you the muscle mass that will last long.

As a bodybuilder, the steroids are just going to enhance your muscle and provide you with an accelerated experience of performance and now that steroids are easily available with express delivery options all across the US, the access to steroids has never been more convenient.

It’s important to be extremely smart when introducing steroids to your body, and since they are illegal to be consumed for building physique, you can hardly find any medical specialist in US to help you out with the dosage in a legal capacity. These steroids are used medically for the treatment of cancers and other diseases, yet they are extremely popular amongst the bodybuilders because they administer the dosage while studying their body requirements and training as hard as they could to accelerate the changes. Most of the times, the change comes from within, the external forces just act as a catalyst to push beyond the limitations and that’s why many bodybuilders have successfully achieved their ideal physiques. It is essential to keep in mind after every steroid cycle, a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is absolutely necessary to restore the natural level of hormones in the body and to avoid any potential side effects.

Understanding what your body needs and how you can manage to give the perfect dosage to yourself involves a series of factors, such as:

  • -          Your BMI
  • -          Allergic reactions
  • -          Side effects
  • -          Underlying health conditions
  • -          Genetics
  • -          Natural hormone levels

These are just the basic factors, that involves individuals to understand their body whilst planning their steroid cycle and figure out a dosage for themselves. There are more detailed factors involved depending on every individual. The above mentioned are the basic headers, below which you can make sub heading and categorize your points of considerations that need to be monitored prior to starting your steroid cycle.

Many experienced bodybuilders introduce steroids into their body in a gradual pace and that’s an ideal strategy. Introducing your body with steroids is a critical step and it is something your body has to be prepared for. Therefore, training hard at the gym and consuming a calorie deficit diet will accelerate the results. Once your body has acquired a rigorous training lifestyle, introduce a small recommended dosage of that steroid and wait for it to see how it reacts with your body. Once the steroid has been introduced, make sure you have read the recommended dosage and then take It from there. Administer the changes in your body and if there are none to be noticed then increase the dosage gradually. Never exceed the recommended dosage at a beginner’s level and always be cautious of what you consume once your steroid cycle has begun. Do not expect the steroid to do everything once your cycle has started,

Dependency on steroids has destroyed many bodybuilders’ futures. There have been a lot of professionals who relied on steroids to provide them the strength to perform during the competitions and many suffered failure due to that mistake.

So, the first step into managing your dosage at home is by managing your body and mind. Train your body and mind to be their fittest at the gym and have a focused goal of building your muscle mass yourself, otherwise, stacking on steroids will only make you huge in size rather than providing you with a beautifully cut and lean muscle that is mostly advertised.

Back in the 60s-80s, the bodybuilders would train 2-3 times a day, consume strict diet and were more passionate about the goal of reaching an epitome of perfect physique. It was during that time when Mr. Olympia was a dream for everyone which drove them to the extents of training religiously. It is not as if Mr. Olympia is no longer a dream for bodybuilders but the dependency on steroids has shattered their dreams. The regulation body that runs Mr. Olympia, International Federation of Bodybuilding does not allow the use of steroids and before every competition, the participants are required to provide a urine sample to determine the use of steroids. At such a point many athletes are left behind the competition. To deal with such a situation, prepare your steroid cycle ahead of time and study how long does it last in the body, but be sure that steroid suits your body because it will react differently with others and it’s not wise to rely on others positive experience. And if you are smart about it, you just might be the future Mr. Olympia.


Oral steroids are one thing but injectable steroids are another. Injecting something directly into the body requires medical administration and not everyone is capable of doing. It takes a certain amount of practice to start injecting yourself safely with all the precautions. Unless you are an expert, you can easily look up safest ways to inject steroids into your body but however, if there is a possibility for you to take oral steroids then opt for it in the beginning rather than taking an injectable steroid.


Now that you understand the details on how you can manage your steroid dosage at home, you should be more cautious and vigilant while taking steroids because if the dosage is mishandled at any point, it can cause irreparable side effects that may lead to serious defects and leave your liver damaged for life. So, if you have a discreet doctor at your disposal then do consult him or her whenever you feel the need for an expert opinion but it is better to consult a number of successful and unsuccessful experienced bodybuilders who have been on steroid cycles in order to get an opportunity to learn from their experiences. it is always good to hear out an opinion but not necessary to go through with it unless you know that it is suitable to your conditions. Therefore, be certain when and when not to listen because you will come across many people who would have a lot to tell you but nothing authentic.

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