A Comprehensive Guide to Steroids: What Are Steroids Used for?


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word steroids? Of course, nothing good. Most people get an image of a bigger, stronger, and leaner superhuman. For a long time, everyone thought that steroids are only for making you bulkier and they are dangerous for your health. But that is far from the truth. Yes, steroids help you gain muscle and strength, however, it is not just limited to it.

So, what are steroids used for, you may be asking? In this post, we have talked about everything you must know about steroids.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are, basically, man-made versions of hormones, which are naturally made by our bodies. Just like hormones, it reduces inflammation. There are two types of steroids available on the market: corticosteroids and anabolic. As far as corticosteroids are concerned, it helps in treating health problems. While anabolic steroids are primarily used for enhancing your physical appearance.

     Corticosteroids- are a synthetic version of cortisol hormone, which helps in boosting the immune system and fighting against several health problems.

     Anabolic steroids- are a man-made version of testosterone that helps in gaining muscle, strength, and performance along with recovering your body from stress quickly.

     Anabolic steroids - can be taken as supplements to increase testosterone levels in your body. With increased levels of testosterone, your body can make proteins that promote hair growth, sexual functions, muscle growth, and bone density.

How Does Steroids Work?

To simply put it, steroids help you bulk up and grow muscles as it imitates the effect of testosterone. Steroids prevent cortisol from attaching to the cell receptors of muscles which results in less muscle fatigue. Moreover, steroids boost the recovery process after physical activities. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that steroids can stay in your system for up to 1 year.

What Are Steroids Used For?

Gone long are the days when such steroids were only used by athletes. Now, anyone who wants to have a toned body, gain strength and muscles, use steroids.

By now, you must know that steroids are not as bad as the reputation it has. It is quite useful for treating a number of health conditions and proves to be beneficial for everyone. Following are some of the uses of steroids:

     Treating Diseases- Many healthcare professionals use steroids to treat hormonal problems in men such as muscle loss from disease or delayed puberty.

     Gaining More Muscles and Strength- Steroids are also used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders. This is because it helps them gain more muscles and strength within less time through more protein production in your body.

     Enhance Performance- Another reason for using steroids is to improve performance for strength-related activities like weightlifting.

     Increase Production of Red Blood Cells- Not many people know this, but it is true. Steroids contain components that increase the production of red blood cells.

     Reduces Fat Percentage- Steroids helps in lowering body fat percentage and promotes weight loss.

     Helps in Recovering Quickly- Since steroids create proteins in your body, they will speed up the recovery process after strenuous activity.

How to Take Steroids?

When talking about steroids, it is crucial to take them carefully as they can adversely affect your health if taken the wrong way. Well, there are different ways to take steroids. Some people prefer to inject steroids while some prefer gels or pills. We recommend starting by taking steroids orally and then moving onto injectables.

However, some users take two or more types of steroids at a time. It is known as stacking. While some users take steroids using the pyramid technique. In this technique, the user takes steroid doses in a cycle of 6 to 12 weeks. In the beginning, the user takes two doses and slowly increases the dosage. During the second cycle, the user decreases the doses of steroids.

Keep in mind, there is no fixed number of steroids that you should take; it depends on your body type and goals. That is why it is vital to consult a doctor or trainer. Also, take breaks to stay safe.

Tips on How to Use Steroids

We would advise you to use steroids under the supervision of a healthcare professional or a trainer. To help you use steroids the right way, here are some tips.

     When using steroids, keep a record of your salt intake and diet.

     Don’t ever take steroids on an empty stomach as it will cause irritation.

     Reduce consumption of alcohol

A Final Word

Steroids, when used moderately, can prove to be quite helpful. It will enable you to train better, lose weight, recover quickly, enhance performance, gain muscles and strength. We advise consulting your trainer or doctor before using steroids. That is because it can be harmful to your body if used excessively. 

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