Bodybuilding: Drug Culture


From the past few decades, almost half a century has been passed when the first Mr. Olympia was announced. Bodybuilders, who worked so hard to showcase their talent, got an opportunity to showcase it at a world-class championship that involved participants from all across the globe. The bodybuilding community was brought together at this particular event and from that point of history, the bodybuilding culture has evolved. Of course, there has been competitions before that but nothing of that magnitude was ever organized. With such high stakes and such recognition awarded, the bodybuilders were motivated to reach beyond the limitations. Back in time when steroids were not common, the bodybuilders would train all day at the gym to gain that ripped physique. They had to take care of their diet as much as they trained their body at the gym. Being focused and maintaining the right balance between training and consuming the right amount and type of food was a rigorous routine for then bodybuilders. Nowadays, the bodybuilders have a lot of conveniences at their disposal which makes it easy for them to manage all the things. At the gym we have trainers and advanced equipment, and for specific diet food we have nutritionists who guide us through what the body needs and what not. With all of that at our disposal, many bodybuilders tend to seek more through steroids. Remember, taking steroids is not bad if taken in consideration. But stacking steroids rather than depending on your body to naturally produce steroid-like results is harmful as in the long run, the body will become habitual of steroids and you will find yourself struggling without consuming them. And when that point comes while you are training then it is going to be a down-hill ride from there, health-wise, because your body will ask for more steroids than you could ingest. Sadly, many bodybuilders have lost their lives in the way of reaching their absolute ripped physique by depending on steroids, insulin and diuretics. Though, insulin and diuretics are absolutely fatal, steroids are safer to use when you are careful. That’s why the drug culture in bodybuilding community is considered more of a trouble for the society.

The society perceives bodybuilders as steroid addicts, and looks at bodybuilding competitions as the motivator of steroid industry. The general perception amongst people is that all steroids are bad for health but in reality, there are many types of steroids that are used for various purposes. If steroids are used to treat cancers and natural deficiencies in the human body then they can be used as a performance enhancement substance, develop a lean muscle mass, utilized as a HGH and for weight loss. It all depends on the moderation of dosage and the individual’s responsible nature while taking steroids. So, calling out on a whole community just because of the few bad eggs is ignorant. There are many bodybuilders who would still go with the traditional way of training but given the increased competition, the bodybuilders are motivated to use a friendly dosage of steroids to reach their limitations and give their best at competitions.

Talking about the critics of the bodybuilding community and a few bad eggs over the past few years, who have led the reputation of bodybuilding community towards a questionable spot, are the ignorant individuals who fail to do their research before putting out their opinions for others to follow through. They are the reason that people have such a generalized picture of steroids being bad, when mostly in medicine, when other treatments fail, steroids are the last resort as the most effective treatment. Cancer, whose cure is yet to be discovered, its treatment comprises of most of the steroids. When the doctors are using steroids to treat their incurable patients without any guarantee that the patient will be cured or better, then bodybuilders can use steroids to enhance their muscle mass and develop a lean physique. To blame the bodybuilders for cheating their way up by injecting themselves with steroids is unfair, because steroids play 30% of the role in their training. If they aren’t training and consuming a specific diet, the steroid injected will only cause their body to swell, damage their liver and cause various side effects. When these athletes inject steroid, the smart ones will understand that the drug will enhance their already lean muscle mass and burn the unnecessary fat left in the body to make the muscles and overall physique appear more ripped. These athletes are the respected individuals of the bodybuilding community. The ones who mismanage the use of steroids while training, end up destroying their body, lifestyle and career, in worst case scenarios, they end up killing themselves unintentionally.

It is extremely important to plan the dosage before starting any steroid cycle, alongside, plan your training schedule and suitable diet plan. Increase your training intensity levels day by day and be mindful of what you eat as it will have most of the impact on your stamina while you train. Once you find yourself at the peak of your strength and have pushed all your limitations, that’s the time to consider introducing steroids and begin your cycle so that you can enhance your gains. It is not a child’s play to start a cycle as a lot of preparation is required on part of the bodybuilder to prepare his/her body. It’s always good to consult a doctor, an expert trainer or experienced users whose opinion is respected amongst the peers. Their advice may or may not help you, but you have a choice of following through with it or not. In such a case, follow your instincts, take advices but with your own rational thought, make the final decision.

So, avoid being one of those bad eggs that cause a stain on a whole community by being reckless. Though, we cannot get rid of the bad eggs that easily, it almost impossible, so we can suggest to show responsibility, discipline and dedication when you make a decision to introduce steroids to your body. A disciplined mind-set will help you attain your goals over the period of time and remember, a universal fact of life, that anything attained instantaneously, cannot last long, therefore, aim for a long-term goal to achieve long lasting results. Such a responsible attitude will bring the bodybuilding community to be less looked down-upon and we just might be able to get rid of this drug culture.

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