Top 5 Safest Anabolic Steroids For Bodybuilders


Bodybuilding community has been widely using anabolic steroids as a part of their training routine and it helps them achieve much of their goals. It involves a lot of different factors to gain maximum benefits of anabolic steroids. These factors can include their training intensity levels, caloric deficit or surplus diet, good or bad genetics, underlying health conditions etc. Every aspect of the individual needs to be under consideration before starting a steroid cycle. If no such factors are taken under notice, chances are that the individual will fall into disadvantage and will have to deal with side effects.


Such careless use of steroids, makes them illegal and dangerous for use because many people avoid using them with care. It is essential to understand that every individual reacts differently to steroids and one’s experience does not indicate the same for the other. Therefore, taking advice is healthy but abiding by it, word by word, is unhealthy. That’s another reason why many young or novice athletes and bodybuilders tend to fall dependent on anabolic steroids because their expectation levels increase thinking they will gain muscles from steroids without putting much workout at the gym.


That is considered as an unhealthy use of anabolic steroids because it can lead to the user overdosing themselves and it can prove to be fatal for life.


Now you may wonder, if that much risk is involved, then how can anyone take steroids without harming themselves? Because let’s face it, not everyone can manage to take all the factors into consideration while planning their steroid cycle.


In such a case, bodybuilders need to set personal goals for themselves with a right mindset to actually remain consistent throughout the journey. Because steroids should only be consumed by professional athletes and bodybuilders who have been in training for years and not by seasonal athletes.  If a body is in the habit of bulking up and burning fat, the steroid cycles will be inclined to be more effective and decrease the probability of side effects if taken in a controlled environment.


With that being said, it is possible for professional athletes and bodybuilders to take steroids safely. In this article, we will list down top 5 safest anabolic steroids that can be used in the bulking and cutting cycles for all bodybuilders.


Following are the top 5 safest anabolic steroids that bodybuilders tend to prefer as a part of their steroid cycles:


  1. Testosterone
  2. Deca Durabolin
  3. Dianabol
  4. Anavar
  5. Primobolan


Let’s make one thing clear, no steroid is 100% safe especially when they are taken without any medical assistance, but since these steroids are FDA approved for treating patients, let us just say they are the only safest option available.


Another reason as to why these steroids are safe is that they do not cause much strain on the heart and liver. With that, if any potential side effects appear, they can be dealt with post cycle therapy and reduce the impacts of any side effect.


Remember, side effects are only the result of carelessness and negligence. When the users are carelessly consuming higher doses of steroids, their body will not be able to tolerate them and thus resulting side effects. It can be extremely fatal and might as well destroy careers because if these side effects are irreversible, there is no going back to fixing them. Therefore, being extremely careful is important and that’s what we will be guiding you through in this article.


Let’s discuss each of these anabolic steroids in detail and find out more about how they are a safer option available for bodybuilders who are seeking to start their steroid cycles.


1-     Testosterone


Testosterone, the most popular and first synthetic variation of steroid available in the market, is used in almost every steroid stack as a base. Initially, it was developed to be used for clinical purposes such as treating depression, however, its dramatic effect on muscle and strength enhancement, led its usage amongst bodybuilders. Bodybuilders, who start taking testosterone, are recommended to start with a lower dosage to observe the effectiveness of the drug on their body because 200-350mg per day dosage will guarantee 15 to 20lbs gain and that would be more than enough for a beginner. And as they say, the tolerance levels tend to increase over the years, that’s when the dosage is increased to up to 500mg per day which can add 10 to 15lbs.


Testosterone is primarily used in bulking cycles as it promises significant gains in muscle mass but what makes it safe is that it is the best steroid when it comes to the overall health of the heart and the liver in comparison to other steroids. It causes less impact on the cholesterol levels and makes the blood pressure manageable mainly because of its aromatizing nature which causes the estrogen levels to rise.


Although it sounds like testosterone is safe, it is equally necessary to be careful while taking testosterone because if the user takes a mismanaged dose, the sudden impact of side effects will destroy all their progress and compromise their health. Therefore, never exceed the recommended dosage and always consult your coach or an expert. Remember, testosterone is not for female bodybuilders.



2-     Deca Durabolin


Deca Durabolin, also known as Decan, is a perfect mild steroid that is commonly used in the bulking cycles in combination with other steroids like testosterone, dianabol or anadrol to produce dramatic gains. This drug can only show significant results when it is stacked with other bulking steroids. You may wonder, then why take decan? Well, decan works as an amplifier for the drugs with which it is combined and helps in achieving sustainable gains. 


Decan is an injectable steroid like testosterone which is why many consider it to be a safe option despite being a slow-acting compound. It can take several weeks to actually show some significant impact on the gains. However, it can show significant amounts of muscle and strength when stacked with the right steroids.


Deca is also used in the treatment of anemia, red blood cell count in the bone marrow and increasing lean mass in patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases. Since it is used in the effective treatment of various diseases, Deca is FDA approved. It was also known to be used for treating dwarfism, AIDs and osteoporosis but not anymore.

Since, deca is not androgenic, the users can be rest assured that the risk of developing hair loss or acne reduces a lot and female athletes can also easily run short to moderate cycle.


3-     Dianabol


Although dianabol is the only steroid in this list that is not FDA approved, we would still consider it as few of the safest and more tolerable steroids out there. Professional bodybuilders would prefer running dianabol with other steroids, however, beginners tend to run it alone because it can achieve significant gains for a beginner.


Dianabol is considered as the first of the few steroids that became extremely popular during the golden era of bodybuilding when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the face of the bodybuilding industry. Although dianabol is a weak steroid, there is a reason why it is still consumed by many professional athletes and that is because this drug has a noticeable effect on the bodybuilders progress and they love how it works on them.


Dianabol will help you gain more muscles than you could gain on testosterone. If you plan to take only dianabol during your bulking cycle with a moderate 15 to 20mg dosage per day then you can possibly gain 30lbs of mass within 6 weeks.


If this steroid was a life threat, it would not be on our list and it is always important to consult an expert before starting any steroid cycle because it is better to be safe than sorry.


4-     Anavar


Anavar is the most popular steroid in the bodybuilding industry today amongst males and females. It may be the only steroid that caters to both genders without compromising anything because it has weak side effects which can easily be managed and controlled.


Anavar is safe because it does not aromatize which means that it helps athletes and bodybuilders achieve that dry and lean look. It is commonly known to be perfect for cutting cycles as it helps in shedding more fat, replacing it with muscles and increasing overall strength.


This drug is perfect for those users who want a sure-short solution to lose fat and bulk up as male users who are taking 15 to 20mg daily dosage, can possibly gain up to 10lbs of muscle in 6 weeks. Whereas, female users can take half the dosage of males with shorter cycles and still experience significant fat loss with noticeable muscle gain. This drug is the favorite amongst female bodybuilders because it is the only anabolic steroid that has no virilizing effects upon the female users.


Anavar is also an ideal steroid because it does not cause water retention and does not put much stress on the liver because the kidneys take the work-load off of the liver by processing the compounds of anavar. However, if the bodybuilders increase their dosage way more than the maximum recommended dosage, then it can cause a lot of damage to the liver. Therefore, the key is to run controlled cycles with a dosage that is perfectly suited for an individual’s specific targets.


It is recommended to always consult an expert before taking steroids and be aware of all the important factors that need to be kept in mind while starting the steroid cycle.


5-     Primobolan


Primo is a mild steroid like anavar and it is commonly used in the cutting cycle. This steroid is so safe that it has been given to children who have struggled with being underweight without any known side effects. It was clinically used by health care experts to help certain patients gain lean muscle mass, in order to bring them to their ideal BMI. This drug has been popularly used for treating patients who suffered from muscle-wasting diseases.


Primo does not aromatize, which also makes it safe because no chances of water retention, therefore, given ripped, tight and lean physique.


When this drug is used in the cutting cycle, it burns off the unnecessary fat away while also building up muscles along the way. Another best thing about this steroid is that it is not an androgenic steroid which is why females can also take primo under the standard dosage of 50 to 75mg daily without facing any virilizing side effects.



Wrapping Up!


It is hard to find steroids from your local drug store to aid your bodybuilding goals which is why you can find the safest steroids for bodybuilding and enhancing your performance on


Although these drugs are approved by FDA for medical experts to prescribe to patients, bodybuilders can be rest assured that this drug will not cause unknown side effects especially when we have post cycle therapy drugs in the market. These drugs can help the users to manage their side effects and eliminate the risk of side effects by starting post cycle therapy (PCT) right after their steroid cycle ends.


Along with that, the users must not establish their dependency upon steroids in order to prepare for competitions or expect to grow muscles in specific areas of their body. Such a habit can become unhealthy for the user’s overall progress and compromise their health. Therefore, understanding and achieving the balance between self-training and running steroid cycles is important since these cycles account for 50% and the user’s diet and training accounts for 50% of the total progress.


Not only that, users must take into consideration their unique circumstances which needs to be factored in before starting their steroid cycle. That is why consulting an expert or hiring a coach is always encouraged because they can guide the users through each and every step of the way depending on their unique goals and unique body. 


It is safe to say now that you can take these steroids with no worries as long as you are mindful of the important things that have been discussed above in the article.

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