• PRIMO 100 Para Pharma US EXPRESS
  • PRIMO 100 Para Pharma US EXPRESS
  • PRIMO 100 Para Pharma US EXPRESS

PRIMO 100 Para Pharma US EXPRESS

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma USA EXPRESS (3-7 days)

Product Pack : 10ml vial, 100mg/ml

Substance : Methenolone Enanthate

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PRIMO, manufactured by the PARA PHARMA, is also known as methenolone enanthate and it is an anabolic and androgenic steroid medicine derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Today it is used by athletic professionals for muscle enhancing and before, it was used to treat anemia caused due to bone marrow failure. Buysteroidonline offer these steroids in an injectable form and can be injected directly into the muscle. Our hassle-free domestic deliveries throughout the United States are at your service and your order will be delivered within 3 days. 


PRIMO steroid medicine can help athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders to grow a lean muscle mass, enhance their strength and prevent muscle wasting. Many athletes take this steroid to increase their performance during the competitions and championships. As the muscle mass develops PRIMO increases fat loss. It also gives the user an added advantage of boosting their immunity. PRIMO also gives maximized protein synthesis which is working towards providing all the benefits as mentioned before. Therefore, it is essential for the user to consume a healthy diet comprising of complex carbs and lots of protein.


The standard dosage for male athletes is to take 100 – 150mg per day for 8 weeks and for female athletes, it is recommended to take 25 – 50mg per day for 4 – 6 weeks. Since, PRIMO is considered a bit of a weak steroid as compared to others, to achieve optimal results, users are advised to take Dianabol with PRIMO to enhance the results in a short period of time.