• BOLDO 300 Para Pharma US EXPRESS
  • BOLDO 300 Para Pharma US EXPRESS
  • BOLDO 300 Para Pharma US EXPRESS

BOLDO 300 Para Pharma US EXPRESS

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma USA EXPRESS (3-7 days)

Product Pack : 10ml vial, 300mg/ml

Substance : Boldenone Undecylenate

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If you are in search of a powerful anabolic steroid, Boldo will not disappoint you. It is derived from natural testosterone but it is better. As soon as it is injected into the human body, it starts doing its work. The anabolic properties of Boldo are strong but it doesn’t have estrogenic effects like natural testosterone.


Boldo is loved by bodybuilders because of its ability to bulk with minimal side effects. Before being used by athletes and bodybuilders, it was used for treating mild GI spasm, liver disease, bladder infections, rheumatism, and similar other diseases. It increases urine flow and bile flow. 

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If you are using it for enhancing muscles, this is one great steroid. It increases your strength and helps you train harder at the gym. It improves the transmission of oxygen throughout the body and builds quality muscles. You will also experience an increase in your appetite. Make sure you consume the right minerals and nutrients to get the best results and build muscles faster.


While you are taking Boldo, watch out for mild androgenic side effects such as oily skin, acne, high blood pressure. This can be minimized by taking the right dosage. Speaking of the dosage, that depends on your age and goals. The ideal dosage lies between 400 to 1000 gm. for better results, experts recommend combining it with other mild steroids.