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Anadrol, sold under the brand name, Oxymetholone, is an FDA approved drug for treating diseases like AIDs osteoporosis. Due to its bulking effect, it has got the attention of the bodybuilders and performance athletes.


This steroid belongs to the category of DHT. It promotes high androgenic activity in muscle tissues. It was also given to underdeveloped children to grow and gain weight. Anadrol also improves protein synthesis resulting in considerable gains in a short time. If you are on the bulking cycle and you are in search of a steroid that comes into action fast, Anadrol is exactly what you need.

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Within a short period, you will start noticing the effects. If you stack Anadrol with other steroids, the results would even be better. Several athletes who want to see an increase in their weight use Anadrol. Apart from bulking, it will offer a quick boost in your energy which would translate into improved performance. 

The steroid starts by increasing the production of red blood cells transferring more oxygen throughout to your body.


The ideal dosage for Anadrol is between 25 to 100 mg. Do not exceed the dosage without consulting your sports doctor otherwise, you would be putting a strain on your liver. Other side effects include water retention, high blood pressure, and gyno. To stay safe, stick to the dosage.