• DECAN P 150 (NPP) Para Pharma US EXPRESS
  • DECAN P 150 (NPP) Para Pharma US EXPRESS

DECAN P 150 (NPP) Para Pharma US EXPRESS

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Product Pack : 10ml vial, 150mg/ml

Substance : Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

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Decan P, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is sold under the brand name Durabolin. This androgen and anabolic medication was primarily used for treating breast cancer in women. It was injected into the muscles each week. 


It is a bit more anabolic than testosterone itself but less androgenic. Apart from treating breast cancer, it was also used for treating anemia, muscle wasting diseases, ulcers, and burns. Bodybuilders use it for cutting and bulking. Through training and diet, you can turn the results around. The benefits offered by Decan P cannot be reaped from any other steroid.

You must be a great diet to feed the body with enough strength for muscle building. It is best used for bulking but you can also count on it for leaner muscles. When you are on the cutting cycle, you must consume fewer calories so that achieving a lean figure becomes possible. But don’t worry, Decan P will not let all the hard muscles built go away just like that.

If you always had a hard time lifting heavy weights at the gym, Decan P will solve that problem too. It aids in joint pain relief as well. Get ready to stand in the gym for a long time.


The ideal dosage for Decan P is 200 to 400 mg per week for 10 weeks. Advanced users can take up to 800 mg per week on a 6 weeks cycle.

After your steroid cycle is cover, don’t forget to go on PCT. It will help restore the natural testosterone cycle.