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Arimidex is one of those steroids belonging to the class of AIs (aromatase inhibitors). It is also known by the name anastrozole because of its anti-estrogen properties. Before making it to the bodybuilding world, it was developed for medical purposes primarily for treating breast cancer in women. It worked by blocking the estrogen effects. This compound is FDA approved and it is still used for medical purposes.


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When you are on steroids, gyno is the most common side effects. This could undermine your entire look.  Arimidex combats by preventing the testosterone and other androgens from converting into estrogen. Other than this, you won’t have to worry about developing cane either, which usually appears after the steroid cycle. With the help of Arimidex, you can keep your gains with the bonus of having smooth and healthy skin. Wait, there is more. You won’t have to worry about developing water retention either. The muscles and all the bulk you have gained after hard work will be real, not just water. 


Choose BSO to buy Arimidex online and have it delivered within 3 days through our express delivery. The ideal dosage for Arimidex 0.5 to 1 mg every other day. Don’t consume it like a magic pill that will combat the negative effects of steroids.