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Accutane, manufactured by the Para Pharma, is a type of vitamin A also known as Isotretinoin. It belongs to the class of retinoids and is primarily used to treat severe cystic/nodular acne that has failed to respond to other treatments including antibiotics. Females, who are pregnant or want to get pregnant should not take isotretinoin as it can result in physical or mental disability of the fetus. It is also used in the treatment of skin cancers and other cancers as well. It is also known to cause a side effect that may trigger depression or anxiety. So, if you are already struggling with your mental health, make sure to consult your doctor before starting Accutane. The side effects that come with Accutane, leave once you stop the medication but in very few cases, where the dosage has not been administered properly by an expert, the side effects might get severe. Nowadays, it is difficult to buy Isotretinoin from any pharmacy without a prescription, which is why we offer 100 tablets of 20mg per tablet without having to complete legal formalities or signing declaration forms. With our Express delivery in 3 days all across the US, your order will be discreetly delivered at your doorstep.


Accutane is known to be the only most effect treatment for severe cystic/nodular acne. Many people have experienced a clear skin after 4 months of using Accutane. Some people, depending on their weight, have to extend their course for up to 6 months in order to clearly show its impact, otherwise, in rare cases a second round of Accutane is required. Accutane is the only effective treatment for severe, incurable acne to this date and many people have gotten rid of their acne for life.


It is recommended to take 2 tablets per day (20mg/tab) for maximum 6 months. The user should not take this medicine if they are overweight, diabetic, struggling mental health or have liver issues. If the user completes a course of 6 months and the acne does not clear up, then another round of treatment can be started but after 2 months because if the course extends 6 months, it can cause serious side effects. Women, who are pregnant or plan to get pregnant should avoid Accutane.