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Anavar is known by the name Oxandrin and Oxandrolone. It was primarily designed for targeting those who are underweighted due to health conditions. Anavar is the ability to inhibit protein catabolism. It can also help recovery from serious burns, relieve pain in bones caused by osteoporosis.


It is a drug derived from DHT. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use it as a supplement for bulking. The half-life of Anavar is 10 hours. 

Choose BuySteroidsOnline to get your supply of Anavar and start shredding fat and building lean muscle fat the same. With our express delivery, have your supply of Anavar delivered to your doorsteps within 3 days. If you are a newbie, the fat loss must be difficult for you. Going on a calorie deficit diet can affect the outcome. It is hard to burn fat without affecting those muscles you have built from hard work. When you are taking Anavar, you can maintain 10 percent body fat.

This steroid also increases protein synthesis to help boost muscle growth. Keep in mind muscle growth is not the best property of this steroid. If you are taking Anavar for building muscles, you would want to stack other steroids along with it for better results.

Anavar will boost your strength and you would be able to perform more reps in the gym. Your muscles will recover faster. Everyone in the gym will be surprised to see your progress. 


The standard dosage for Anavar is 2.5 to 20 mg per day. You can choose any dosage between this window depending on your goals.