Bacteriostatic Water Para Pharma US EXPRESS

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma USA EXPRESS (3-7 days)

Product Pack : 10ml single-dose

Substance : Sterile water, benzyl alcohol

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Manufactured by Para Pharma, bacteriostatic water limits the growth of bacteria since it is used to dilute or dissolve other drugs. A single vial can be used multiple times. It is available in 10ml vial packaging with US express delivery. within 3 to 7 days. As a reliable supplier, we assist our customers as per their comfort and deliver the package discreetly within 3 to 7 days of US express delivery. This water merely comprises of sterile water and benzyl alcohol to prevent contamination. Health care specialists also use bacteriostatic water to mix different injectables and prevent contaminating the solution in the process. Similarly, the bodybuilders or experts who are injecting steroids into themselves or into athletes, tend to use bacteriostatic water to mix different anabolic steroids for a combination dosage. If you have no experience or training in regards to administering an injection, then we strongly recommend you to get in touch with an expert to help you administer your injection.


Bacteriostatic water has a significant purpose as it is used to hygienically and safely administer injectables into the human body. The purpose of using this water is to avoid any build-up of bacteria which may cause infections. The benefits of this water are what makes it perfectly safe for use. These benefits are listed below:

  • Multiple Usage

  • Budget friendly.

  • It can dilute medications.

  • Prevents future growth of the bacteria.


Healthcare professionals tend to use the same bacteriostatic water to inject a safe and clean dosage to patients which professional athletes or bodybuilders use to administer their own dosage. It is important for bodybuilders and athletes who are not getting their steroid injections administered by an expert, should first learn how to do so and make sure to use bacteriostatic water as per how much they would prefer to dilute their dosage.