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Proviron, manufactured by the PARA PHARMA, is also known as Mesterolone which is an androgenic and anabolic steroid medicine. Bodybuilders use Proviron for muscle hardness as the androgen levels are increased. It has been in use to treat low testosterone levels and male infertility. It has also been used to treat disorders in men where the body does not make natural androgen. The users will be able to consume Proviron orally as Buysteroidonline offers 50 tablets of 25mg per tab. The orders are discreetly delivered at the client’s doorstep within 3 days through their quick domestic services throughout the United States.


Bodybuilders who are bulking up for a competition and are looking to enhance their muscle strength then Proviron is a fairly good enough choice to add it in their cutting cycle. It provides additional benefits to the steroids you are already consuming such as:

  • Enhanced effects of testosterone

  • Improved muscle hardness and density

  • Decreases the chances of side effects of steroids when it is combined with other steroids.

  • Treats impotency in men. 


The standard dosage, when beginning the cycle, is 25mg tablet thrice a day and as the user progresses into the cycle, they can take 25mg tablet twice or once daily. It should be noted that a prolonged uninterrupted course of Proviron over several months is optional, otherwise, a course lasting for four to six weeks is ideally recommended. Remember, with a proper diet, enhanced optimal results can be achieved a lot quicker.