What Are The Safest Steroids For Women?


Women In Sports


Women have been extremely excelling in the sports category for many years and have successfully managed to establish a place for themselves in the bodybuilding industry without losing their felinity. It’s a sad fact that for many, body building is still a men’s sport and women who develop men-like features to compete with men. Are looked down-upon.

But the time is changing and so does this mindset. Many female athletes are coming out and embracing sports as their professional careers. We have females excelling at tennis, football, soccer, cricket, bodybuilding, and many other sports you could name. However, the male and female category is always evaluated separated in order to encourage the efforts of all type of athletes based on equity.

It is true that the female body chemistry is different from male body, therefore, it is extra hard for females to grow muscle, develop bone strength and have high endurance in comparison to males. It is mainly because men already have the testosterone to help them with their fitness goals whereas women have significantly lower testosterone.

Testosterone is a male hormone and it is the reason why men have male features, so, females indicate less levels of testosterone to keep their female-like features.

Just because of that, females in the athletic industry such as bodybuilding, have to be very careful around steroids, especially if they plan to take them.

Anabolic Steroids


Anabolic steroids are the synthetic variations of hormones that are naturally produced by the body. These are used by bodybuilders, fitness enthusiast and professional athletes from all across the world to help them develop bone density, grow lean muscle mass and give them strength and endurance. These steroids were initially used to treat cancer patients, HIV, hormone deficiencies, incurable syndromes and etc.

Over the years, the athletes have found their benefits in these drugs and though they are illegal to use without prescription, the fitness community is buying them from trusted suppliers without fearing any scam. Various anabolic steroids are available at the market from trusted manufacturers.

Men have a lot of variation of anabolic steroids to choose from but for females, they have to consider a lot of things before getting on steroids. Generally, both genders have to consider a lot of factors before starting their steroid cycle, but for females, they need to consider the fact that they should not exceed a certain amount of testosterone in their body.

Creating opportunity for your body to achieve the fitness goals without causing significant damage to the body chemistry is the primary concern of every female athlete. So, stacking up on specific anabolic steroids that do not mess up your chemistry will be ideal for your athletic goals.


Best Steroids For Women

Women are now equally ambitious and headstrong when it comes pursuing their career as an athlete. But women are not able to build a lean muscle mass like men in the industry and men have a variety of option of steroids available whereas women should be careful when picking and choosing their steroids for their steroid cycle.

Following steroids can be used by the female athletes for their cutting and bulking phases. And they can hire an expert coach who has achieved significant success with their prior female clients so that you can be extra confident when consulting them for your steroid cycle. Other than that, you can hire a generally experienced coach who is aware of different steroids and their composition in order to enable you to understand your body chemistry and define your goals for you.








Anavar is one of that drugs that females can rely on when starting their steroid cycle journey. Other anabolic steroids are quite unsuitable for females because they can cause serious virializing effects which are in most cases hard to reverse. So, in order to avoid a situation like that, females prefer using Anavar. It was initially developed to be used in the treatment of HIV patients in order to help them retain their muscles. Best thing about Anavar is that female athletes can use this drug during their cutting and bulking phase. If they start with 10mg dosage per day, it will be sufficed for 4-5 weeks long cycle. So, for the 1st cycle, see and observe how the steroid reacts with your body and then you can even increase the dosage in your future steroid cycles.

Just like that Winstrol is another drug that female athletes can use for their steroid cycle along with Primobolan which is a comparatively mild steroid. Primo can be used for both cutting and bulking cycle. It helps you burn fat and build muscles in areas where they lack.

Throughout the cycle, rigorous workout routine and sufficient diet plan is essential to aid the results of the steroids and make them sustainable for your own good.

Female athletes are also in habit of using Nandrolone which was specifically designed for females with a longer ester.

Proviron is used by professional level female athletes. Proviron is used in the cutting phase of the cycle and it does not work alone. It acts as an estrogen blocker and assist the other steroids to act stronger and amplify their impact altogether. Not only that, it will also take away all the negative effects of the steroids that you are already taking. Therefore, you do not need to go on a rigorous Post Cycle Therapy course.

Other than that, Clenbuterol is a good fat burner and can be incorporated into the cutting cycle.

Your First Steroid Cycle As A Female


Since, the steroids for females are not crossing the limit of 500-700mg per week of testosterone, then a normal cycle can run from 6-8 weeks otherwise, beginners need to focus on a cycle that is no longer than 4 – 5 weeks. As a first cycle, it is always advised to keep the cycle duration short and dosage a little less than the standard dosage just to see how your body will react to the changes and does it suit your body chemistry or not.  

Wrap Up!


Today, female athletes are now more motivated and striving to achieve their fitness goals and they are using steroids to help them grow their muscles and improve their strength endurance. They are working hard at the gyms, cutting back on carbs and consuming enough protein to fuel them with energy at the gym in order to build muscles and improve bone strength.

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