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Manufactured by John Lee, Caberlee is commonly known as Cabgoline which is used to restore the natural level of hormones in the body which is why it is used as a Post cycle therapy drug. We offer, 4 tabs, 0.5mg/tab packaging with US domestic express delivery. It can treat patients suffering from hyperprolactinaemia, however, Caberlee is a powerful post cycle therapy drug and bodybuilders use it to stimulate the production of testosterone after running an androgenic steroid cycle. If the bodybuilder does not take caberlee after androgenic steroid cycle, there are high chances for the individual to develop side effects such as gynecomastia. Another reason that caberlee is popular amongst bodybuilders is because it can significantly burn fat and cause weight loss. 


Following are the benefits of using caberlee as a post cycle therapy drug:

  • Actively burns fat

  • Promotes testosterone production

  • Effective for two or more days after the end of administration

  • Greater bioactivity than other drugs

  • Increase in Libido


The recommended dosage for caberlee is 0.5mg per week for all types of users. The dosage can be gradually increased after 4 weeks to a maximum total of 1mg per week depending on the user’s serum prolactin level. It should be kept in mind this drug should not be consumed by individuals who have cardiovascular issues or any other serious underlying conditions. Any steroid cycle or post cycle therapy started by an individual must be under a controlled environment where they can consult and share their concerns with the experts. There is no room to administer miscalculated dosages because it can seriously compromise the health and progress of the bodybuilder.